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University Philosophy Application Tutor

I'm an experienced university philosophy tutor and examiner, helping students apply to study philosophy at university.

Having taught philosophy at several universities, including the University of Oxford, I'm intimately familiar with the university philosophy application process; and specialise in coaching Oxford and Cambridge philosophy applications.

I advise on each stage of the application: helping with personal statements, reviewing writing samples, coaching for entrance exams and conducting mock interviews. I also tutor college students striving to meet their university offers, and provide introductory philosophy courses.

Whatever academic challenge you've set yourself in applying to study philosophy at university, I hope the site contains the guidance you're looking for.

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If you plan to apply to study philosophy at university and need help with your application, I'd be delighted to receive your email: University Philosophy Application Enquiry

University Philosophy Personal Statement Help

University Philosophy Personal Statement

What makes a successful philosophy personal statement? One central point to remember is that philosophers prize the intellectual virtues of clarity and rigour; so if your personal statement is unfocused and riddled with non sequiturs, it will likely attract the wrong sort of attention.

The main thing is that your personal statement demonstrates that you understand both the nature of philosophy as an academic discipline, and the demands of the particular philosophy course for which you are applying. The admissions tutors will need to be assured that you know exactly what kind of degree course you're applying for.

If you require an experienced university philosophy tutor to help with your university philosophy personal statement, I'd be delighted to receive your email: University Philosophy Application Enquiry

Help with University Philosophy Admissions Tests

University Philosophy Admissions Tests

By no means all universities set philosophy admissions tests, in fact the overwhelming majority don't; and for those that do, the tests differ significantly between universities.

In general, admissions tests are designed to examine critical thinking skills. This may take the form of multiple choice questions testing your understanding of short paragraphs; a brief essay; or some questions concerning a lecture you will have been invited to attend.

If you would like help in preparing for your university philosophy admissions tests, then please email me: University Philosophy Admissions Tests Enquiry

Preparing for University Philosophy Interviews

University Philosophy Interviews

Preparation for your university interview begins with your personal statement. Interviewers will use this to frame preliminary ice-breaking questions and as a guide to probe your understanding of the philosophy course you have applied for.

Accordingly, the simplest service I offer university philosophy applicants, preparing for their interview, is to analyse their personal statements to derive 20 possible interview questions. I then use these as the basis of interview simulations.

If you would like help preparing for your university philosophy interview, I'd be delighted to receive your email: University Philosophy Interview Enquiry

20 Philosophy Interview Questions on your Personal Statement

You can reasonably expect to be asked questions on your personal statement in your university philosophy interview.

I provide a personal statement analysis service in which I examine your statement and return 20 questions which it prompts. The point is not simply to memorise 'canned' answers to these questions, but to begin to develop the kind of philosophical mindset that interviewers are looking for.

This provides a cost-effective way of preparing for your philosophy interview in advance of your invitation to attend.

If you would like your personal statement analysed for 20 philosphy interview questions, then I'd be delighted to receive your email: 20 Philosophy Interview Questions Email

Oxbridge Philosophy Application Help

Oxbridge Philosophy Application Help

Having been a student myself at both Oxford and Cambridge, and also a part-time philosophy tutor at Oxford, I understand well the special demands of applying to study philosophy at Oxbridge.

When deciding where to apply, your first question should be whether to study philosophy as a pure, single honours subject, or as part of a joint honours degree. Oxford offers six joint honours philosophy degrees, but no single honours; Cambridge offers a single honours BA degree, but no joint honours.

If you need help and advice applying to study philosophy at Oxbridge, by all means email me: Oxbridge Philosophy Application Enquiry

Philosophy Tuition

Few universities require applicants to have studied philosophy before; and none that I know of in the UK. So it is not essential that you be taking a college philosophy course.

However, if you feel you would like know some basic philosophy, as part of your application preparations, then I would be happy to give you a crash course in some core philosophical concepts and problems.

Also, if you are offering philosophy as part of your university application, and would benefit from extra tuition, then I'd be delighted to help. More details of my philosophy tuition services can be found from my companion websites:

Finally, if you require critical thinking tuition, either for your A-level studies, or for the Oxbridge TSA, here are details of my services:

If you would like extra tuition from an experienced university, A-level and IB tutor, then please email me: Philosophy Tuition Enquiry

Why Apply to Study Philosophy at University?

Being able, convincingly, to say why you've chosen to apply to study philosophy at university is a challenge you'll face, both in your personal statement, and in any subsequent interview.

So before you apply, you need to make sure you understand what philosophy is, and how it is studied at universities. Then you can correctly identify the benefits philosophy offers you.

Only if you show a proper grasp of its nature, can you say, with confidence, why you've chosen to apply to study philosophy.

If you plan to apply to study philosophy at university, and would like professional help with your application, I'd be delighted to receive your email: Why Apply to Study Philosophy Enquiry

Consider a University Philosophy Degree by Distance Learning

There are several reasons why you might consider a university philosophy degree by distance learning.

If it's difficult for you to move to a university town, or you're unable to devote yourself to full-time study, for example, then an online philosophy degree by distance learning may be the answer. Also, the fees are often considerably less than campus-based study.

I have selected some distance learning philosophy degrees, that I can recommend, on my Philosophy Tutor website which you may access via the link below.

If you would like more information about applying for online philosophy degrees by distance learning, I'd be delighted to receive your email: Philosophy Degrees by Distance Learning Email

School & College Philosophy Essay Prizes

You could boost your university philosophy application by receiving a commendation from, or even winning, one of the various philosophy essay prizes that are available for pre-university students to enter.

If the university you're applying to requires a sample of writing, as some Cambridge colleges do for example, then your prize entry could also supplement your university philosophy application.

If you'ld like a reading list for your chosen essay, or you'd like an experienced university tutor to read your latest draft, then by all means email me: Philosophy Essay Prize Enquiry
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