Help with the UCL Philosophy Entrance Test

UCL no longer sets a philosophy admissions test.

In recent years, applicants to study philosophy at University College London, at undergraduate level, are required to take a short test during a visit to the college.

If you have been invited to UCL, as part of your philosophy application, and have been told you will take the test, then this page may be of use to you.

I'm an experienced university and college philosophy examiner. I have marked scripts at the University of Oxford and the University of Reading, and was an external examiner for the International Baccalaureate and the OCR examination board.

I help students, worldwide, prepare for their philosophy entrance tests: not only those applying to UCL, but also to Oxford and Cambridge.

If you're going to take the UCL philosophy admissions test, and would like some help and advice from an experienced applicationtutor, then I'd be delighted to receive your email: UCL Philosophy Admissions Test Enquiry

The University College London Philosophy Entrance Test Format

In previous years the test has consisted of written answers to question(s) on a short lecture that will have been delivered by one of UCL's philosophers.

So the test examines not only your written skills, but also your aural comprehension.

The answers are typically required to be in short essay form, of no more than a few hundred words.

If you have never written a short philosophy essay before, you might want to consider taking my philosophy essay-writing masterclass.

If you require an experienced, professional philosopher help you prepare for your UCL philosophy entrance test, I'd be happy to receive your email: Cambridge Philosophy Application Enquiry

Mock UCL Philosophy Entrance Test

I provide realistic practice for the UCL test, as it has been conducted in recent years. I email you links to podcasts from reputable philosophers, discussing relevant topics. I also attach test questions, based on the podcasts.

You email me your answer; and I mark it up with colour-coded, contextual comments.

When you have reflected upon my comments then, if you wish, we can have a 55-minute Skype tutorial to discuss your general approach to the question.

If you would like to receive a practice UCL philosophy test then please email me: Practice UCL Philosophy Test Enquiry
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